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January 23, 2019
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Natural Log & Natural Music Q Start-Codes for use with Simian

Simian uses 5 cue types to determine how an event is triggered. These cue types are represented by the symbols:
  • [blank]
    Manual Start: Item will not start until it is told to do so, either by a STARTNEXT macro, pressing the spacebar, or clicking on a Play button.
  • +
    AutoStart: Item will automatically start when the previous item is finished.
  • @
    Time Immediate: Item will start at the time specified, cutting off any item currently playing.
  • #
    Time Next: Item will start at or close to the time specified, as soon as the currently playing item has finished.
  • N
    Non-sequential: This cue type is included for backward compatibility. The function of this cue type was replaced by Scheduled Events.
  • !
    Back Time: Used as a marker for the Back Time function to stretch or compress audio to force all tracks to play before the time specified.
The cue symbols are placed in Column 9 of the automation log by the Natural Music log converter. Natural Music automatically sends + as the Q Code for any event in which you have not specified another valid Q code. To send a Q code other than + for a line on which a Music Category is specified in the clock setup screen, type the following in the Clock Text column of that event line with no other text.

Important: You must UNcheck the box next to Force AutoStep + on all events in Simian's Log Import setup. Otherwise all Q's will remain + regardless of what you enter in NM5 clocks. See Configuring Simian Log Import Filter.

  • &Q+
    Creates an AutoStart (+) cue
  • &Q@
    Creates a Time Immediate (@) cue
  • &Q#
    Creates a Time Next (#) cue
  • &Q!
    Creates a Back Time (!) cue
  • &Q$
    Creates a blank cue (no cue symbol), which is a Manual start
  • &Q~
    Creates a Non-sequential (N) cue. It is recomended to use the Scheduled Events function of Simian rather than Non-sequential events.

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