Simian walk-through and how-to documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. *Registration / Validation / Demonstration Mode issue  
  2. Add & change categories on multiple files  
  3. Audio File Formats  
  4. Audio Files Error/Missing Audio Files  
  5. Audio play gltiches, skipping, stuttering, or pauses  
  6. Audio Science Sound Card Configuration Suggestions  
  7. Audio with expiration dates or time windows still playing  
  8. Axia Livewire Audio Sources Controlled Through Simian Mixers  
  9. Blue Screen After Sentinel Hardware Key Driver Installation  
  10. Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus Audio Switcher Configuration  
  11. Carts - overview and examples  
  12. CHAIN macro did not run  
  13. Chaining Logs (How to Automatically Load the Next Day's Log at Midnight)  
  14. Clean Up Audio File Names (Delete Apostrophes and Other Invalid Characters)  
  15. error "Class not registered" or "cannot start Jet Engine"  
  16. Excluding Categories from HTTP, Streaming, or Metadata Output  
  17. File Storage and SoundHound Setup Recommendations  
  18. How do I Allow Non-Administrators to TimeSync in Simian?  
  19. How to Configure Separate Production SoundHound Instances  
  20. How to Import Program Logs  
  21. Importing Logs Created with Natural Log/Natural Music  
  22. Installing the USB 1024ls Trigger & Closure Kit (discontinued product)  
  23. Internet Streaming Fundamentals  
  24. Live satellite game or special event programming  
  25. Log Open Error After Upgrading to Simian 2.x or Later  
  26. Log Types and Functions  
  27. Mirroring OnAir and Production Machines  
  28. Missing mapped network drives  
  29. Mixer Configuration in Simian  
  30. Moving settings to a new computer  
  31. Multi-Segment Recording for Time-Shifting Satellite Programming with Spot Substitution  
  32. Music Beds / Playing 2 decks simultaneously  
  33. Natural Log & Natural Music "Q" Start-Codes for Use with Simian  
  34. Play Decks Do Not Function  
  35. Recycled program logs with time cues firing incorrectly  
  36. SAYTEMP with music bed  
  37. Scheduled Events - how to add or create scheduled events  
  38. Second Copy File mirroring  
  39. Shortcuts for Air & Production modes on multi-instance licenses  
  40. Simian and Daylight Saving Time: What to Do  
  41. Simian and/or cart viewer will crash  
  42. Simian freezes on exit  
  43. Simian Weather Utility for versions prior to Simian 2.3  
  44. SoundHound Options Explained  
  45. SoundHound recommended setup & troubleshooting  
  46. SoundHound: Nested Folders  
  47. Spot Substitution for Web Encoding  
  48. Stopsets for Network Feeds With Local Breaks  
  49. Upgrading Simian to newer version  
  50. Using the Simian Dynamic HTML Generator  
  51. Why does Simian's mixer or play/record device assignments sometimes change?  
  52. Windows 10 - Simian doesn't automatically start  
  53. Windows BSI Basic Computer Configuration Suggestions  

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