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SoundHound: Nested Folders


A Nested folder in Windows could be a folder or folders that contain folders inside of them. Say for instance you have a folder in C:\BSI32 called 'Audio' that contains audio files. Let also say that you have other folders within you Audio folder called Spots, Liners, and ID’s each of which would contain its own files. This would be a common example of nested folders.
Figure 1, The Audio folder is shown with nested folders. The C:\BSI32\Audio folder contains audio tracks, plus folders that also contain audio files
Figure 1: The Audio folder is shown with nested folders. The C:\BSI32\Audio folder contains audio tracks, plus folders that also contain audio file

Why They Don’t Work

Using the example above, we would have to path to these folders in SoundHound in order for the files to show up. The paths would appear as the following. C:\bsi32\audio

Nested folders cause three issues

The first and most annoying problem that we run into is that when SoundHound does an update of your folders and looks for new audio it is going to check each path. The first path would check the audio folder, spots folder, liners folder, and the id’s folder. The second path would check the spots folder again. The third would check the liners again, and the fourth would check the id’s folder again. It’s pretty easy to see how your PC can take a performance hit due to redundant operations This causes our second problem. After checking the folders (some of them multiple times) we have seen situations where multiple files are being displayed or files not showing up at all. This will also cause a problem with auto refreshing and manual refreshing in SoundHound. When auto refresh is selected in SoundHound options it may not be able to finish checking all the folders (depending on the number of files you have) before it starts another auto refresh. This could cause files to be missing in the Event Builder. When doing a manual refresh it should find all the files, but the refresh may take quite a while because it is checking folders more than once.
The third problem that can be caused by nested folders has to do with the Event Builder. Let’s say for instance that you have a file in the spots folder that you need. You right-click in the Event Builder, choose select folders, and choose C:\bsi32\audio\spots. When the folder comes up it does not show any audio files even if you right-click and select refresh. Now lets say that you right-click again and you select folders, all folders. Now you can see all your files including the ones from the spots, liners, and id’s folder. You may ask yourself, why can I see all the files when I select all folders or if I select C:\bsi32\audio? All/most of the files would be displayed in this view because SoundHound did find them while checking the audio folder, but may not realize the files are located in other folders or may not have had a chance to refresh the folders within the audio folder.


Nested folders may seem to work for some people, but eventually will cause some of the problems listed above. If multiple folders inside of one main folder must be used it would be best to have the main folder containing only folders and no audio. The folders inside the main folder can contain files, but the main folder cannot. The main folder cannot be pathed to in SoundHound, only the folders within the main folder containing files.

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