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Mirroring OnAir and Production Machines

When setting up windows shares use only local administrator accounts. Do not use windows domains, limited user accounts, or active directory accounts. Simian should only be run as a local administrator.

Before we configure the on air and production systems to share files it is important that SoundHound be configured correctly on both systems. If you have not done so already please review the “File Storage and SoundHound Setup Recommendations” FAQ before continuing. Sound Hound should be configured the same on both systems.

It is recommended to maintain copies of the audio files on both production and on air systems of Simian. This makes sure that the on air system always has access to the files that will go over the air regardless of its current network connection, and assures accurate file information on production systems for content and log editing. It is important that we have an active monitoring system in place to any time a file is changed on either system the change is reflected on the other system. This is accomplished using windows shares.

Setting up windows shares

Windows shares must be set up on both the on-air and production system. It is recommended that you set up shares for the audio drive and the BSI32 folder on both on air and production systems.

We will go over a basic file share for the audio drive in windows 7. For a detailed description of networking and windows shares across different versions of windows see the Microsoft website:

1. Right click on the audio drive and click properties.


2. On the sharing tab click the button that says "advanced sharing"


3. Click the permissions button. 

4. Most stations will be able to give everyone full access to this share. If you desire to restrict access to your shares please review the Microsoft article that is linked at the begining of this section. 


5. Follow the same procedure for the audio drive and the C:\BSI32 folder on both on air and production systems. 

Syncing the program logs

It is best to have both the systems working off a single program log so that changes made on either system are reflected instantly on the other system. This can be accomplished by setting the production system to look at the program logs that reside on the on aid system. 

1. On the production system op the Simian program options and go to the paths tab and select "program logs" from the drop down menu.


2. Click the "Set" button and navigate to the on air system and select the BSI32\Logs folder. 


3. On both systems go to tool->program options and select "Auto-Refresh log when changed by others".


Syncing the files between systems

Depending on which version of Simian you are running there are two different methods for syncing the files. For simian 2.3 and later we will use the Simian File Sync utility that is packaged with Simian. For simian 2.2 and older we will use a third part program called second copy. Second Copy can be found here

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