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Clean Up Audio File Names (Delete Apostrophes and Other Invalid Characters)

For Simian to find, search for, and play out your audio files correctly, they must not contain apostrophes in the filenames. Symptoms of potential issues caused by apostrophes and other invalid characters include errors when verifying your program log, the wrong audio file, or a blank entry, being inserted in the log when dragging-and-dropping from Event Builder or the audio list.  

If you have inadvertently added apostrophes to your filenames, these must be removed for proper operation of BSI products.  BSI provides a free utility--the BSI Filename Cleaner--to cleanup your files, available here.

Figure 1: The BSI Filename Cleaner utility's main window.

When the BSI Filename Cleaner is opened, the window shown in Figure 1 is displayed.  Click on the Browse button and select the folder containing the audio files you want to clean up, then click OK.  The selected folder will be scanned and the audio files within the folder will be listed in the file list.  For simple filename clean up, the most common configuration is shown in Figure 1, with all options unchecked and the "Don't change Spaces orUnderscores" option selected.  Click on the Clean button to apply the changes to the audio files.  If you have multiple audio folders, repeat the above steps for each folder individually.

NOTE: If you are using long filenames that include artist names and titles, you are likely to encounter file names with apostrophes and other invalid characters.  Artist and title information is already contained in the metadata tags within each audio file, so long file names are redundant to searching and filtering in Event Builder or the audio list within Simian.  BSI recommends that you use a numerical file naming scheme using the "8.3" naming convention (8 characters for the filename that use only A-Z, a-z, and 0-9, without spaces or other punctuation, plus the 3 character extension of .wav, .mp3, etc.) rather than descriptive long filenames.  The BSI Filename Cleaner also has options to rename your files with numbers and simple prefixes/suffixes to simplify converting your library's filenames.

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