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Log Open Error After Upgrading to Simian 2.x or Later

If you have upgraded to a newer version of Simian and now receive an error message when trying to open logs, it means that your logs were created with an earlier version of Simian. You will need to re-save your logs in the Production mode of the version of Simian that you upgraded to.

There are two options to work around this issue:

1. Open a second instance of your newer Simian version by minimizing the current instance (Air Mode) and then double clicking on the Simian icon on your desktop. A second instance of Simian will open in Production Mode. You can now open your program log created with the older version of Simian and re-save it. You will now be able to open the log in the first instance of Simian without error as it will have been converted to the 2.x program log version.

2. Upgrade your Production machine's Simian software as well. This option will afford you the simplest solution and the newest features of the program. Any logs you create with your production machine will automatically be compatible with your On-Air system without having to manually convert each new log.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 2:25pm

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