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Simian Weather Utility for versions prior to Simian 2.3

The weather service Simian had used for many years made changes to their services and previous GETWEATHER ZIPCODE/STATION macros and Weather Information features no longer work with versions prior to Simian 2.3.

The release of Simian 2.3 included a change to the weather services Simian uses and a separate Simian Weather Utility application was released to allow for other services to be used. Prior versions of Simian can use the Simian Weather Utility for free. Simply download and install the Simian Weather Utility application from the BSI website at:

Also download the Simian Weather Utility manual attached to this Knowledge Base article for information on how to configure Simian and the Simian Weather Utility to work together.

Attachments: Simian Weather Utility.pdf (1.2 mb) 

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