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*Registration / Validation / Demonstration Mode issues for Stinger

BSI applications have to be registered under the application's Help > Register window to come out of the restricted, time-limited demonstration mode. The version of software, customer ID/invoice number, USB serial key number, and validation code all must match what was submitted on the validation code request form or included on the Product Authorization Sheet that was sent with the USB serial key/dongle. More times than not, one of these bits of information is entered incorrectly, either in the register screen or when it was submitted on the validation request form. Double check the information entered appears exactly as the information provided on the Product Authorization Form and/or Validation Request Form.

For Stinger versions 3.0 and earlier, after the initial install of Stinger, a collection will automatically be loaded named "Stinger Demo" or "Stinger 3 Demo". The collection name will appear at the top of the Stinger application and some users have mistaken the collection name for running in "Demonstration Mode". Look for "Demonstration Mode" at the top of Stinger, listed after the collection name. If unsure, load a new or other collection, or check under Help > Register for the status "registered" or "unregistered" atop that window to verify.

One of the other main causes of BSI applications not being able to register is when users log in to Windows on a domain or as a local user on a restricted profile. This breaks the application’s ability to read and write validation information to the proper Windows registry. Make sure you are logged in to Windows with administrator rights on a work group.

If you are seeing that characters are being truncated from the end of the validation code and other fields in the register screen when you re-open it, or fields are completely blank that were filled in previously, it’s could also be caused by to the application being run in compatibility mode or that it needs to be run as administrator on certain 64-bit OS configurations. To correct this:
1 – Close the application
2 – Right click on the desktop shortcut and choose Properties
3 – Select the Compatibility tab
4 – Uncheck the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode”
5 - Check the "Run this program as an administrator"
6 – Click Apply and OK
7 – Launch the application

The software should be running as the registered version now. If not, re-enter the validation code and other required fields in the Help > Register window.

If the software will still not register, click here to submit a support ticket and paste in the validation code information (application and version, serial number, invoice number, and validation code) or attach a screenshot of the register screen with the information filled out and technical support will double check the codes correctness with the codes department. Please note that technical support cannot provide validation codes in any circumstance, including after hours or off air emergencies relating to demonstration mode. Validation codes are only provided during normal business hours via the validation code request form.

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