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Music Beds / Playing 2 decks simultaneously

To get two audio sources playing a the same time you will need to make use of the 4th Async deck, which can play files and execute macros simultaneously/asynchronously of the 3 main playback decks that the program log uses.

The most common purpose of playing two audio files simultaneously is a music bed that plays under the SAYTIME and SAYTEMP macros.

For pre-recorded SAYTIME and SAYTEMP files, go to the Free Utilities section of the BSI website for pre-produced SAYTIME and SAYTEMP files at:
This will create a C:\BSI32\Times folder and there will be a timetemp.chm file you can right-click > open with > Microsoft HTML Help Executable that explains how the utility works.

Scenario A: the SAYTIME or dry audio plays at the start of the music bed and the music’s bed length is a fixed length and volume that is suited to play in its entirety before advancing to the next item in the log.

First, create a cart that will contain the audio that will play over the music bed (such as the SAYTIME /TEMP macro or dry audio recording). In Simian go to Edit > New Cart. Open the Event Builder and drop the recording or SAYTIME macro or dry audio file in to the cart. Save the cart and give it a name. In the example the cart is named Over_music_bed.krt.


Next you will need to use the PLAYAYSNC macro to get the cart just created containing the SAYTIME or dry audio recording to fire in the Async deck. Go to the Macro tab of Event Builder, find the PLAYASYNC macro, add the name of the cart.

The program log should look like this:


Scenario B: You would like to have the music bed play for a few seconds, fade down to duck under the SAYTIME or dry audio, fade back up after for a few seconds, and then fade out the music bed before it finishes, then advance the program log.

The program log will be the same but we’ll add some additional PAUSE and DECKFADE macros in the Over_music_bed cart.


  • The Over_music_bed cart will play in the ASYNC deck #4 using the PLAYASYNC macro in the program log.
  • The playback of the next main deck with the music bed audio will begin immediately.
  • The PAUSE 2 will wait and let the music bed play for 2 seconds and then fade the music bed down to 40% over 1.5 seconds.
  • The SAYTEMP or dry audio file will fire and when complete the music bed will fade back up to 100%.
  • The second PAUSE will let the music bed play for another 5 seconds before fading it out completely and advancing the program log.
Adjust the PAUSE times and DECKFADE duration and percentages as you’d like.

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