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Installing LAME MP3 encoder

With the application closed that will use the LAME encoder (Simian, Simian Gateway, SkimmerPlus, Speedy), follow these steps:

1 - Download the LAME 3.99.5 zip file at
2 - Extract the files to C:\LAME folder and open that folder in Windows File Explorer/My Computer/Computer
3a - If running a 32-bit Windows OS, right-click on the LameACM.inf and choose Install
3b - If running a 64-bit Windows OS, open the "HOWTO Install LAME-ACM on x64.txt" file and follow the instructions

Launch the application and select "LAME MP3 Codec v0.9.2 - 3.99.5" for the codec option, then choose the desired format (i.e. "Lame MP3 - 44100 Hz, 128 kbps CBR, Stereo").

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