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Skimmer Plus hangs when opening the program, may or may not give error message.

If you see this issue, you may have a corrupt user settings file, or corrupt logs or audio files for your record decks. Depending on the version of Windows you are using and its configuration, these files could be stored in either: 

Windows XP or earlier:

C:\Program Files\Broadcast Software International\SkimmerPlus


Windows 7 or later:

C:\Users\[YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Broadcast Software International\SkimmerPlus.

The program settings files all have .xml extensions, while the logs all have a .log extension. Try moving the settings files and log files out of your SkimmerPlus directory to a backup folder and opening SkimmerPlus. If it opens, exit SkimmerPlus and copy back the settings or log files one at a time, re-opening the program, and repeating until SkimmerPlus won't open. By process of elimination, you can determine which settings file or log file is corrupt. Start this process with the settings files first, then proceed with the log files. If you find a corrupt file, move it back out of the directory and go on with the process on the next file.

Depending on which file you find corruption in, you will need to re-configure the area of the program for the file that was corrupt (the name of the file indicates its function), or you can open the file in a text editor to see if the corruption can be repaired manually.

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