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Wrong File or Blank Entry when Inserting Audio File in to Program Log

When dragging-and-dropping an audio file from Event Builder, or the Audio List, a blank line or the wrong file is inserted in to the program log.  This usually occurs when there are apostrophes within the file name of one or more audio files in your audio library. This can also be caused by leading or trailing spaces in audio file names. Eg: SongTitle .wav. Notice the space between the file name and the file extension. 

The audio file(s) containing the apostrophe (or spaces) in the file name doesn't have to be the audio file being selected from Event Builder or the Audio List; the fact that there is ANY audio file with an apostrophe or spaces in the file name within your library of audio files can cause this issue to occur. 

You will need to rename all audio files that contain apostrophes, then delete and recreate the audio database to resolve this issue.  BSI offers the free BSI Filename Cleaner utility to systematically rename your audio files automatically.  For further instructions on how to use the BSI Filename Cleaner, view the "Clean Up Audio file Names" FAQ document, available here.

To delete and re-create the audio database (audio.mdb) file, please refer to the following FAQ document:

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