WAIT! Do you really need to request a new validation code?

If you have a BSI Hardware Key / USB Dongle and are installing the same version of software, you can use your previous validation code even if you are installing the software on another PC. Please only submit a request if you really need a NEW code.

Validation Codes

Validation codes are available Monday to Friday 8am to 4:15pm Pacific time US. If you are submitting multiple requests for codes, please submit a separate request for each code.

* = Required Fields. Failure to enter these details correctly will result in your Validation Code request being rejected.

Natural Software

To obtain Unlock Codes for Natural Grid, Natural Log, or Natural Music, please contact Natural Software directly.

Step 1 - Select Software:

If you are requesting codes for multiple products, please use the Additional Message box below.

Note: Validation Codes cannot be guaranteed for discontinued software.

Step 2 - Version:

For BSI software this is displayed on the HELP | ABOUT screen. Please make sure you enter the version of the NEW software you want to validate. Also include the keywords "Pro" or "Lite" if the software you want to validate has that designation (ex: "2.0.1 Pro").

Step 3 - Serial / Dongle Number:

This is the Serial Number or Hardware Key (Dongle) Code from the HELP | REGISTER screen. Some versions of BSI software may list the serial number when you first start the program.

Step 4 - BSI Invoice # / Customer ID:

Your original Invoice # from BSI that corresponds with the software you are validating.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: If you have purchased through a reseller in your own country, please ensure that you obtain a valid BSI Customer ID from them as your local invoice will not be recognised and your request will be rejected.

Step 5 - Name:

Please enter your first and last name below.

Step 6 - Radio Station / Company:

If this is a personal purchase, please enter Personal in the box below.

Step 7 - Email:


Please enter your email address again to verify (this helps ensure your email address was entered correctly).

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that any email or spam filters allow all mail from the @bsiusa.com domain. Please try to avoid 'free' Email services, such as Google, Hotmail and Yahoo etc as they may filter our reply.

Step 8 - Telephone Contact

Validation Codes are sent via email; however if we receive a bounce or undeliverable email report we will attempt to contact you on the optional number [domestic US only] provided here. Please note that we are otherwise unable to provide codes 'over the phone' for security reasons.

Step 9 - Additional Message:

You may use this optional area to enter multiple requests or any other relevant information.

Step 10 - Double Check!

Please ensure that you have filled in all the required fields and that the email address you have entered is correct before submitting your request by clicking the button below. Failure to do so may delay our response, or result in your request being rejected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For programs that do not use a USB hardware key dongle, please ensure that the software is running correctly on the machine you intend to use BEFORE submitting a validation code request. We regret that multiple code requests within a short-period of time are not permitted.

Please enter the number 1525 in the box below, then click the submit button


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