Platinum Tech Care Plan




All OpX and Simian PRO customers are automatically enrolled in the PLATINUM Technical Care Plan for the first 12 months from date of purchase.  The PLATINUM Tech Care Plan is renewable annually throughout the life of the software.  Each plan covers 1 air mode and 1 production mode.  You must have a tech care plan for each station for which you would like support.


  • Initial basic setup of the software – installation/registration
  • Technical issues with the software or hardware purchased from BSI
  • 24/7 Off-air emergencies after launch of the software

Does not include:

  • Training on the features of the software – this can be purchased separately
  • Troubleshooting of operating system/networking issues
  • Troubleshooting for software or hardware that was not purchased by BSI

Note: Simian LITE customers are automatically enrolled in our Web-based services for the first 6 months from the date of purchase and not the Platinum Tech Care plan.

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