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August 11, 2020
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Data Repeater 1.1

Easy Forwarding and Reformatting of Song Meta Data

Data Repeater - Easy Forwarding and Reformatting of Song Meta Data

BSI Data Repeater allows song meta-data received via TCP, UDP, serial, or updated to a text file to be output to a multitude of destinations. Data can be forwarded to 8 TCP/UDP, 7 HTTP Call, 8 Serial destinations. The Data Repeater can also generate 3 HTML pages using user created HTML page templates. Up to 6 different command lines can also be executed, with received data included in the command line using meta-variables, too!

Works with OpX, Simian, or most other automation systems that output song data via TCP/UDP, Serial, or to a text or XML file on your hard drive.

Once data is received by the input type of your choice, it can be forwarded in the format received to TCP and/or UDP ports, or reformatted using user-defined templates to any of the available destination types (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTML, Serial, Command Line). Each output profile uses its own template, so each data output profile can have a data format tailored to the specifications of the destination application or hardware device. It's like a patch bay for your meta data!