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Simian 2.3 Now Available with Support for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 on 32bit or 64bit platforms!
June 6, 2020
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Simian 2.3 PRO

What's New in this version?

Purchase Simian 2.3

The purchase price includes:

  • Simian 2.3 PRO automation software
  • USB port hardware key (dongle)
  • BSI Software CD containing all BSI software (purchase and licensing necessary) and numerous utilities, manuals etc.
  • Full Color Printed and bound manual
  • SayTime Kit for Time Announce
  • One year Web-based Support
  • One year PLATINUM Tech Care Plan

There are some choices available, depending on the needs of your station.

  • Single Station Simian 2.3 PRO version with One Year of PLATINUM Tech Care, Remote Support & Training
  • Multi-Instance Simian 2.3 PRO (allows up to three 'light use' stations to run from a single computer
  • Production Mode Simian (main decks not available)

Get Simian 2.3 PRO for just $1,999.00
and receive 1 full year of
Platinum Tech Care Support.
Simian 2.3 PRO Buyout

Includes Platinum Tech Care Plan

Add Multi-instance +$499

Add Simian Gateway +$299

Save a Tree: Use the PDF Manual

Get Simian 2.3 Production for just $249.00

Save a Tree: Use the PDF Manual

Upgrade from earlier version of Simian

To take advantage of all the latest Simian 2.3 PRO features, Gold and Platinum Tech Care Plans allow you to upgrade one Simian Pro air-mode license and one Simian Pro production-mode license to the latest version of Simian while your support plan is active. If you wish to upgrade your current version of Simian Pro to Simian 2.3 Pro, simply renew your support plan for your current Simian Pro license. For more information, click here, or contact BSI Sales at 541-338-8588.