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August 11, 2020
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Speedy 4.0

Rapid Rip Professional CD-to-PC Dubbing

More than just a "ripping" program, new Speedy 4.0 is a professional automated CD-to-PC audio transfer system with features not found on consumer grade or shareware programs.

Just pop a CD in your PC CD-ROM drive, select the tracks you want to dub, and walk away. Speedy 4.0's RapidRip® capability automatically dubs each song for you... and it's FAST.  Speedy 4.0 has reached dubbing speeds even faster than previous versions (sometimes clocked in excess of 20X!). Speedy 4.0 also has some features that we're sure you'll find incredibly useful.  You can easily use the supplied professional MP3 Codec to convert your music into compact, high-quality files.  We have also included file naming support for compilation disks.  This means that the actual artist's name will go into that field, rather than the default "various artists" with the performer in the song name field.

One more way Speedy is more versatile than ever is the optional hardware key.  If you choose to have your Speedy 4.0 shipped to you, we can include a hardware key with your permanent code.  If you ever need to move Speedy to another computer, just take your key and code, and you're ready to go!

Speedy can trim unwanted silence from the front and back of files. Speedy can also normalize recorded levels so that, even though the CD's might have been produced at different volume levels, all your ripped tracks will come out at the same volume level. And... if you've got internet access, Speedy can even tag and name files with track titles and other album information from commercially available CDs automatically.