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Simian 2.3 Now Available with Support for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, and 10 on 32bit or 64bit platforms!
October 14, 2019
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The following are the recommended driver & application versions that have been shown to work well with BSI systems. We DO NOT advise going directly to manufacturers web sites to download drivers as although newer drivers may be available directly from third-party vendors, BSI has not yet certified these to be free of undesirable side-effects until listed here!

BSI (Sentinel) Hardware Key Driver

This Sentinel Hardware Key Driver (also known as the Sentinel Protection Installer) is required for all customers using a BSI Hardware Key (Dongle). It should NOT be installed by customers that are not using Hardware Keys to license their software.

This special version of the installer for BSI customers negates the need for any further configuration of the driver as was previously required (that information will be removed in the next revision of manuals).

Sentinel Hardware Key Driver for BSI Customers version 7.5.7 2.71MB

Cleanup Utility for Hardware Key Driver

Although the following utility should not be used without consulting BSI Tech Support, it is provided for those customers who wish to completely remove the Sentinel Protection System and Driver from their Computers. This will prevent any software using a BSI dongle from working, but can be a useful tool in removing and re-installing drivers in case of corruption or errors with an older install.

Sentinel Driver Removal Tool for 32bit Operating Systems
Sentinel Driver Removal Tool for 64bit Operating Systems

AudioScience Sound Card Drivers & Utilities

ASI 4000 Cards Important Note: We should like to draw the attention of customers utilizing any older ASI4000 series audio cards (which have been discontinued for some time) in new PCs to the following AudioScience ASI 4000 Series Product Advisory

ASI6000 Cards Important Note: It has been brought to our attention that due to a timing issue, ASI6000 Rev E and earlier adapters can sometimes lock up with driver versions 3.00 and later. In ASIMixer, the lock up is observed as a "1025" error. AudioScience recommends that driver 2.97 be used instead with these early revision ASI6000s. If using an ASI60xx Series card, be sure to check the revision number before downloading and installing the driver.

Click here to view the latest drivers for your AudioScience Sound Card

BSI Trigger/Relay/Closure Kit (Instacal) Driver

For Windows XP & Windows 7 only This driver is required by all versions of the BSI Trigger, Relay & Closure Kits, including the latest USB/PMD1024LS from Measurement Computing.

As the driver only supports one instance of an application and one application at a time, you should ensure that the Instacal Utility is closed before attempting to use this application with Simian or WaveCart (only one of which should be open and using the trigger kit at any one time). Multi-instance version of Simian will allow the first (session 1) instance to communicate with the device.

Instacal Driver and Utility version 6.10 16.1MB
(For Windows XP and Windows 7 customers only)