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Using the Simian Dynamic HTML Generator


Ever get a call from someone who wants to know the name of the last song your station played? Ever wish you could just magically have your playlist show up online without having to do all the work to get it there? Ever wish your internet broadcast listeners had a simple way of finding out what’s coming up in the next half hour? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, Simian's Dynamic HTML Generator is for you!



  1. Go to Tools/Program Options/Internet and look at the Dynamic HTML section. Select Generate HTML file. There is room for two file names (html pages) and a URL. The first is your template page, the second your destination page. Call the first one C:\BSI32\BSI_Template_Page.htm. Enter the second as C:\Windows\Desktop\mypage.htm.
  2. In Simian, go to the Help menu and click Dynamic HTML Page. Your browser will open and the template page will display. Voilá! To edit your page, keep reading…
  3. Start Notepad or any text editor and open the file c:\bsi32\BSI_Template_Page.htm. You will see the underlying html in the template file. Alternatively, if you use the Internet Explorer, you can just click View/Source and edit the html file right there. If you save your newly edited file with a new name, be sure to change the “Template” field in the Tools/Program Options/Internet window so Simian knows to look at the correct file.
  4. Edit the html as you like and save your changes. Go back to your browser, wait until Simian refreshes the page and see whether you like the changes.
  5. To alter the refresh rate of your page, look for the tag called "meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5"" in your template html file and change the # in the content field. Bigger #s mean slower refresh rates.
  6. By the way, hitting the "refresh" button on your browser won't update what you’re viewing because you’re viewing the destination page, not the template/demo page. You must wait for Simian to initiate the refresh before you can see your changes.

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