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Importing Logs Created with Natural Log/Natural Music

Concepts of Log Import

The Log Import process is much less complicated than it looks, the majority of the work is a 'once only' setting!


Simian will import virtually any plain ASCII text log file. Typically, Scheduling software exports either a character delimited or position dependent text file regardless of the three-character filename extension which could be .log, .txt, .sch, etc.
Natural Music / Log for Windows have options for two different BSI formats. The more common PIPE (|) delimited format (which is also used for the DOS versions of Natural Products) is shown in Figure 1. To access the Log Import settings in Simian, go to Tools > Program Options > Log Import.
Figure 1, The more common PIPE (|) delimited format (which is also used for the DOS versions of Natural Products) is shown
Figure 1: The more common PIPE (|) delimited format (which is also used for the DOS versions of Natural Products) is shown
  1. Import Format: These three radio buttons allow you to choose between three completely different import formats. All of the other import settings change based on which format you choose here. Natural Log and Natural Music both have the ability to export in BSI Delimited format, simply repeat the following settings for each format desired.
  2. You can set up the import filter to accept either a Position Dependent or character Delimited text file. For logs exported from Natural’s products using the BSI Delimited format, choose Delimited and set the Delimiting Character to the pipe character ("|" the pipe symbol is entered by holding the Shift key and pressing the Back-Slash key "\" on English US keyboards).
  3. This section allows you to set what data is in which column of your file to be imported. With Natural’s products the proper settings for BSI Delimited files are as follows: Cue:1, Time:2, Name:3, Length:4, Category:5, Desc.:6.
  4. Once you think you have all the information entered correctly, simply use the Set Test File button to open the Natural delimited text log file that you want to import and then use the Test button to ensure that Simian recognizes the data properly. Verify that the proper data shows in the correct columns in the test file display.
  5. The "Put AutoStep "+" marks on all events" option allows you to have Simian override all cue symbols contained in your music/traffic files with the AutoStep "+" cue. With Natural in particular, this option is generally not desired except for specific cases. The "Automatically save import log as a Program Log" option can save you time if you only import one delimited file per Program Log. If you are using both music and traffic logs, this option need not be enabled since you will want to create a Program Log by importing multiple delimited files into one program log and then save the combined log after all importing processes are completed.
  6. IMPORTANT: Remember that every time you make changes to these settings, click the Save Changes button before exiting.

Using the Filters to Import A Log

Once you've got your filters set up, you won't ever need to change them unless you change any of your scheduling software. To IMPORT A LOG, go to the File menu in the main Simian interface and select Import, then select the format that you want to use (Music, Traffic or Alternate), then choose the file you would like to import.
If you have multiple delimited files to import (such as a traffic file from Natural Log, and a music file from Natural Music) to create a single day’s program log, simply repeat the import steps for each delimited file. Once you have imported all desired files, go to the File menu and choose Import and select Sort By Scheduled Time. Your log will be resorted so that the cues from all the imports you have performed are in proper consecutive order.
Once all files have been imported, you can save the file into the BSI logs folder by going to the File menu and choosing Save As....

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