Frequently Asked Questions

Moving settings to a new computer

Simian has the ability to transfer its Program and Hardware options to another computer. This is helpful if you are updating your computer or just creating a backup of your settings

1. Run (double click) the Regsave.exe utility located in the C:\BSI32 folder. This will save a timestamped file with a .reg extention in the C:\BSI32 folder.

2. Transfer this file to the new computer you have installed Simian on.
3. Close Simian if it is open. 
4. Double click on the file once it has been transferred. Click Yes to the Windows Message.


5. Click OK to the Windows Message.


How to transfer Trigger Sets, Serial Sets, Scheduled Events, and Hotkeys

Trigger Sets, Serial Sets, Scheduled Events, and Hotkeys should all be located in the C:\BSI32 directory. They will have .trg, .skd, .key, and .ser extensions respectively. You can copy these files into the C:\BSI32 folder on the new machine.

NOTE: You may also want to transfer your "import" and "logs" folders.


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