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Audio Files Error/Missing Audio Files

Ensure that your files are in a folder that is referenced by SoundHound.


The audio database is created by SoundHound and Simian uses it to look up the location of the file names of audio and cart files. Missing files can be caused by the files not appearing in the folders monitored by SoundHound or an audio database that's become corrupted. Refer to the following article for proper SoundHound setup and troubleshooting:

If you have verified that the files exist in the folders monitored by SoundHound but don't appear in Simian's audio list or Event Builder, or are erroring in the program log, try rebuilding your audio database. To do this:
1 - Shutdown Simian.
2 - Using Windows File Explorer (a.k.a. My Computer), browse to the C:\BSI32\ folder.
3 - There will be a folder and a couple files named "audio" with different extensions. Delete the audio.mdb file.

Restart Simian, which will start SoundHound and the audio database file will automatically rebuild. The missing files should appear in the audio list and Event Builder, and no longer error when playing.

Deleting and rebuilding the C:\BSI32\audio.mdb and a regular scheduled basis is recommended.

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