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Add & change categories on multiple files

It can become necessary to add different categories to Simian for excluding meta-data, or otherwise organizing the information seen on the program log. We have provided a simple method to categorize audio files en mass to simplify this procedure.

First, you'll want to add the category to Simian. Make sure that the Info Editor application isn't currently open during this part.

1. In Simian, go to Tools > Program Options > Categories.
2. Click the Add New button, fill out the fields, and press OK

3. Press OK on the Program Options window, then return to the Tools > Program Options > Categories window to see the new category in the exclude list and mark it as such
4. Now you can select the category in the drop down option from within InfoEdit.



This next selection is how to change the category on multiple files at a time.

1. Open Info Edit. If this is not found on your desktop then you should be able to locate it in the start menu. If you cannot locate it in either of those places it can be found in C:\BSI32 


2. Navigate to the folder that contains the items you would like to categorize.

3. Click on the list icon at the top of Info Edit and make sure the Categories field is visible.



3. Highlight the items you would like top modify and right click at the top of the categories list.

4. A small window will appear. You will not be able to select the predefined categories, so make sure you type in the category exactly as you entered it when you added it in Simian. Click Set when finished.


5. Restart Simian for the new category to display. For any logs that have been scheduled with files that had the previous category, go to Log > Update Category, Duration, and Description to see the changes to the category in the program log.

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