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Simian and/or cart viewer will crash

Are you running TeamViewer on the system? If so, you'll need to disable a feature in it called QuickConnect which is stopping Simian from loading by trying to add TeamViewer's QuickConnect button to the Simian or Cart Viewer interface.

In TeamViewer, you can find the setting under Options > Advanced > Advanced settings for Computer and Contacts. There will be QuickConnect button Configure option. In that window, uncheck Show QuickConnect button.

After changing that feature, go in to Windows Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DELETE) and click on the Processes tab. Highlight and then click the End Process button for all the Simian.exe and SndHound.exe processes.

Open Simian and the application should fully load now.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 1:25pm

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