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Audio with expiration dates or time windows still playing

First make sure the setting to adhere to end dates is enabled.
1 - Go to Tools > Program Options (press CTRL and ; to get to it if it's grayed out).
2 - On the General tab, put a check next to Engage AutoReplacement and then click the settings button next to it.
3 - In the settings window, put a check next to Replace out-of-date and out-of-time window items.
4 - Click Ok to exit both windows.
5 - If those settings were turned off at the start of this process, Simian will need to be closed and re-opened to take effect.

If those settings were already enabled, the audio database needs to be rebuilt to refresh the end dates.
SoundHound will automatically update those properties as they are changed, but if Simian is not adhering to them, then it's likely the audio.mdb is corrupt.
1 - Shutdown Simian.
2 - Using Windows Explorer, browse to the C:\BSI32\ folder
3 - Delete the audio.mdb file.
4 - Restart Simian.

After those steps, you can verify the log to ensure that Simian is looking at the end dates.
1 - Go to Log > Verify Program Log
2 - Under the Log Verification Options section, check Create Error List and Check Start and End Dates as of... Today
3 - Click Verify Log
4 - When it's finished, click the View Error List. The document will have all missing items and out of date/time items that are scheduled in the program log.

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