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SkimmerPlus Web Server on Windows 10

When using the SkimmerPlus Web Server with Windows 10, the default settings may not work. The SkimmerPlus Web Server uses port 80 by default. A service named World Wide Web Publishing Service is enabled and runs automatically by default on Windows 10 and uses port 80, blocking the SkimmerPlus Web Server from using that port. Web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox will use port 80 as default when you put a web or IP address in the browser, which is why it is the default port. The telltale sign port 80 is in use is there will be no IP address listed in the SkimmerPlus Web Server when started.

SkimmerPlus Web Server with blank IP address

There are two options to get the SkimmerPlus Web Server working...

Option A: Disable the World Wide Web Publishing Service.

1. Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
2. Find “World Wide Web Publishing Service”
3. Right click and select “Stop”
4. Right click and select “Properties”, then change “Startup type” to “Manual”

World Wide Web Publishing in Services

Option B: Change the default port in the SkimmerPlus Web Server and have users connecting to the IP address also specify the port.

In the SkimmerPlus Web Server application, go to Program Options and change the port to something likely unused, like 9080. Click OK and the IP address will populate in the IP box.
Changing the SkimmerPlus Web Server port

For users browsing to the SkimmerPlus Web Server IP address, they will also need to specify the port. For example:
Browsing to non-port 80 SkimmerPlus Web Server

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