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Windows 10 - Simian doesn't automatically start

Windows 10 has introduced much stricter application permissions than previous versions of Windows. In order for Simian to read and write properly to the Windows registry for access to settings and validation, Simian needs to have elevated administrative privileges. See the Simian registration/validation code issues article for more information on setting Simian to run as administrator.

With Windows 10, applications that run with administrator privileges and are set in the normal Windows 10 startup folders are not allowed to startup like other non-administrator privileged applications. That's why Simian isn't loading up after the computer is rebooted or powered on. There is a different Windows startup registry key we can add the administrator privileged Simian application to to have it start when Windows starts. Simply download the following file, extract the .reg file within, and double-click the extracted .reg file to apply the registry update. Simian will now load when Windows 10 starts. Startup on Windows

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 1:25pm

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