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Simian freezes on exit

Simian freezing on exit is likely that Simian is hanging on close because it's trying to release the record device and there isn’t an active record device in the Windows Control Panel > Sound > Record window. If you are using the on-board sound card or another consumer level device, the record device will not activate if nothing is plugged in to the line in or microphone in port on the computer. There are two options to activate a record device:

1 - Enable the StereoMix device for Windows Record devices. Go to the Windows Control Panel > Sound > Record window. Right-click in the list area and check "Show Disabled Devices". Right click on the Stereo Mix device and choose enable.

2 - Simply plug something into the microphone or line-in of the sound card (it doesn't have to be a microphone, it can be a spare pair of mobile phone headphones). Windows will sense something is plugged in and should activate that device in the Record panel, allowing Simian to properly complete its shut down process.

Simian will need to be restarted with an active record device in order to close without hanging.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 1:25pm

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