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Why does Simian's mixer or play/record device assignments sometimes change?

Mixer and sound device assignments in BSI applications have to refer the the order of the sound device list in Windows. The order of the list can change, for example when a device is added or removed, a driver is updated, or a Windows update that addresses Windows sound hardware. Any change can skew the list and cause the Simian assignments to become misaligned.

We recommend disabling audio devices that are not being used and in particular have auto-sensing ports that enable/disable a sound device when a jack is plugged/unplugged from the computer (such as the on-board sound card and HDMI audio). Be sure to also disable the auto-update feature of Windows so it can be run manually with supervision.  When a change is made to a sound card's drivers or a Windows update is run, review the Tools > Hardware Options > Playback and Record device assignments and the mixer assignments and correct them if needed.

Also, some remote desktop software may change the playback devices when a remote user logins in and the feature to transfer audio to the remote user in addition to sharing the screen and input is enabled. Disable the remote audio feature when available. Remote Desktop in particular will remove all the playback devices from Windows and replace it with a Remote Desktop virtual audio device, so avoid that application altogether.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 2:25pm

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