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Disabling Exclusive Mode in Windows 7 and higher

Windows 7 and higher enable by default an "Exclusive Mode" setting on all play and record devices that do not allow more than one application access to the same audio device simultaneously. That can cause a BSI application to be unable to play out it's assigned device and show an error if another application or even another play deck that are assigned to the same device takes exclusive control of it. 

Below are the steps to disable "Exclusive Mode". The setting will likely be re-enabled after a driver update for the audio card, so be sure to disable it again after updating drivers.

1. Open the Windows “Sound” applet. This can be done either from the Control Panel or by right clicking the Volume applet in the system tray and selecting “Playback devices”.

2 . Select the audio device that BSI applications will be assigned to for playback and click the “Properties” button to access the device specific settings. 

3. Select the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the first option under “Exclusive Mode”, both check marks in this section should be cleared. Click the "Apply", then “OK” button.


4. Repeat this process for all the play devices that appear in your “Playback” tab. You may also wish to do the same for your “Recording” devices although the need to access the same recording device simultaneously from 2 different programs is less common. The number of devices you see in the list will depend on your card model and the mode it is set to.

5. Once you have made the changes to your devices, reboot your system. You should now be able to access your devices from more than one piece of audio software at a time.

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 1:25pm

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