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CHAIN macro did not run

There are two scenarios you may encounter with the CHAIN macro not functioning, considering the CHAIN macro is setup per the following FAQ article.

Scenario 1:
The CHAIN macro will reload the previously aired log if it fails to find the next day's log. There will be a flashing red & white message stating the CHAIN macro failed to find the log. If the next day's log isn't created, if the name of the program log doesn't match the formatting of the CHAIN macro, or if a second instance of Simian in production mode is left open on the same computer overnight when the CHAIN macro is scheduled to run can all lead to this issue. If the optional "NORELOAD" parameter is set in the CHAIN macro, the flashing red & white error message will be on but the previously loaded log will not start over.

Scenario 2:
If the CHAIN macro doesn't run, there will be no flashing red & white message and Simian will be stopped at the bottom of the log that previously aired. Make sure that "Time Events are ON" at the bottom of Simian. If the status is "Time Events are OFF", click on that status to toggle back to on. Go in to Async > Scheduled Events and make sure that the current and start up selections at the bottom are set to the scheduled event that contains the CHAIN macro. Open the scheduled event and verify that the day's of the week are set for the CHAIN macro.

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