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Axia Livewire Audio Sources Controlled Through Simian Mixers

Interfacing with an Axia console GPIO and XNode GPIO can be accomplished with Simian's Axia Hardware Connector add-on (contact BSI Sales to purchase or view the manual here for more information), but control of an audio feed through Axia audio is accomplished through Simian's Mixer functionality to allow muting and un-muting of satellite (or other live audio) feeds.

To configure an Axia channel for use in a Simian pass-through mixer, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Axia Multi-Channel audio driver, set one of the record devices to use the Axia channel you have your satellite audio (or other live audio) input on.  For instance, the example below has Destination 16 in the Axia audio driver receiving channel 1000 (the audio channel from the node connected to the satellite receiver):
  2. In the Windows sound options (accessed from the Control Panel or by right-clicking the speaker icon in the Windows System Tray), right-click on the corresponding record device configured in step 1, and choose properties. On the window that pops up, go to the Listen tab and enable the "Listen to this device" option and select your desired play device for the audio to pass through from the "Playback through this device" dropdown.
    The “Playback Through This Device” selection can be one of your Simian playback channels, or an independent channel if you want. It is most common to set the listen channel as the same play device as Simian is using for its deck 1 (as shown above) or deck 4 play device setting, depending on how you want your console to behave.
  3. In Simian, configure a mixer to control the Livewire Input device as configured (in the example case here, that’s Livewire In 16):
    This controls the input volume of the Livewire In virtual device, which is passing its audio through the Livewire Out device because of the “Listen” feature.
  4. To mute and unmute the audio feed, you use the MIXVOLUME or MIXFADE macros or the auto mute functionality of the mixer to play your network audio, just as if your satellite receiver were plugged in to an audio input on a sound card. Other than the configuration of the Axia mixer setup, the methodology of satellite spot replacement is the same, as covered in the FAQ document linked here.

If you have more than one input source you just need to set up a mixer with the steps above for each input you want to mute/unmute. Triggers would be handled through the GPIO functionality of the Simian Axia Multi-Channel Hardware Connector.

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