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Automatically Start OpX or OpX One Modules When Windows Starts

OpX and OpX One are made up of several modules, some of which have precedence over another must be opened in order to start up as the system.  The File Server must be started before any other module is able to run.  Secondly, the Audio Server needs to connect to the File Server to be able to launch and connect.  Finally, the File Server and Audio Server must be running for the Studio Client to be able to launch and connect to the OpX system.  If your system configuration requires you to run multiple modules on a single machine--such as with an OpX One syatem, or an OpX system being used for both Audio Server and Studio Client purposes--the BSI Startup Sequencer utility can be utilized to automatically launch the necessary .exe files in sequenced order with configurable delays.

Perform the following steps to install and configure the BSI Startup Sequencer:

  1. Download and install the BSI Startup Sequencer.  It is available on your BSI install disk or can be downloaded from the Free Utilities page here.
  2. The first time you run the BSI Startup Sequencer, you should be presented with the BSIStartupSequencer.ini file open in Notepad (or your default text editor).  To manually open and edit the sequence settings for the BSI Startup Sequencer, open Notepad (or other text editor), then open C:\BSI32\BSIStartupSequencer.ini (if your system is not set to show file extensions, the BSIStartupSequencer.ini file will have an icon of a piece of paper with a gear in front).
  3. To add/edit the delay and path settings for each executable you wish to start you will modify the entries within the [Paths] section of the BSIStartupSequencer.ini file.

    NOTE: The top of the BSIStartupSequencer.ini file contains all configuration instructions, which you will need to read to understand how the BSI Startup Sequencer needs to be configured.  Below the instructions section is the [Path] section you will modify.

    Below are example entries of sequence configurations for OpX One and OpX:

    OpX One Example:

    OpX AudioServer/Studio Client Combined System Example:
    (Note the delay length to allow the OpX File Server system to start up the OpX File Server module to startup before the Audio Server module)

You will need to experiment with your particular system to ensure your delay times between modules is sufficient to allow time for each module to start up.  It is recommended to set the delays longer than the shortest time possible to account for any system startup anomalies that could occur (this is Windows, after all).

Any .exe file or .lnk (Windows shortcut) file can be included as a path, so the BSI Startup Sequencer utility can be used for any application startup needs you may have.  Also note that any path command switches can be included in the path as well.

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