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How to add custom categories to Simian and Info Editor

To add custom categories to Simian and Info Editor:

  1. In Simian, go to Tools>Program Options>Categories tab
  2. In the Categories tab, left-click the "Add New" button:

   3. In the new category window type the letter code you wish to use for the category, select the type that the category is going to be.           

EG: audio, comment, log, macro, etc. and left-clock the OK button. Left-click OK to close Program Options.


   4. You categories should now be available in Simian and Info Editor, If they are not see the additional steps below.

If the categories you created are not showing in Info Editor, you will need to manually edit the InfoEdit.ini file to add them, as Simian was not able to write to the file due to permissions issues on the computer. To do this Please follow the steps below.

   1. Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\BSI32 and locate the InfoEdit.ini file:


   2. Right-click on the InfoEdit.ini file and choose "Open With" to open it in a text editor such as Notepad, or NotePad ++ to add your categories as seen in the screenshot below:


   3. Each new category will have an increasing number. EG: Category0, Catgegory1, Category2, etc. For example, adding a new                     category this my InfoEdit.ini file will look like this: Category3=TEST. 

   4. Click File>Save in the text editor and you new categories should now show up in Info Editor.

NOTE: Make sure the category names you added in the InfoEdit.ini file match what you added in Simian.

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