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Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus Audio Switcher Configuration for OpX


Satellite programming is a fact of life for many radio stations today. In fact, it is not unusual for a single station to use as many as 5 or 6 different satellite feeds during the course of a broadcast day. Many engineers, when faced with the challenge of sorting out and routing these audio signals to an automation system, have elected to use the Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus Audio Switcher. Taking only 1 rack unit of space, the ACS 8.2 Plus provides 8 audio inputs and two outputs. Additionally, the unit includes individually adjustable (L + R) buffer amps for each input channel and a silence sensor. The switcher provides for front panel user selection of switch paths, and a GPIO port with 16 Trigger inputs and 8 output relays. On-board metering and monitoring are valuable additional benefits. As with many BT products the ACS 8.2 Plus can be fully controlled by the serial port via OpX’s Macro commands.

After reading this document, you will be able to use the ACS 8.2 Plus's basic functions. There are other functions the ACS 8.2 Plus has that are not covered in this document, such as fading between inputs, and setting up silence sensing. Information on more advanced functions can be found in the user manual supplied with the unit.

Figure 1, Front Panel View of the Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus SwitcherFigure 1: Front Panel View of the Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus Switcher

Hardware Setup

Setting the options should be attended to first. There are many different configurations for the ACS 8.2 Plus. The following settings are the recommended settings for most common uses of the ACS 8.2 Plus. If you purchased your ACS 8.2 Plus directly from BSI, these settings will already be set for you. If you purchased your ACS 8.2 Plus else ware, you will need to set the internal dipswitches as shown in Figure 2. You will need to remove the top cover of the ACS 8.2 Plus to expose the DIP switch 'SW17' located just behind the face plate of the device. NOTE: The ACS 8.2 will only work properly with OpX when it is set to device ID ‘1’, '2', or '3'.

Figure 2: Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus Recommended Settings

With regard to how to wire your audio sources in to the ACS 8.2, and where to route the ACS 8.2 outputs with OpX and the rest of your console-to-transmitter chain, we recommend the following configuration:

Recommended Setup

Figure 3: Configuration 1:This is the recommended and supported wiring configuration of the ACS 8.2 for use with OpX

The wiring configuration depicted in Figure 3 has all satellite sources (and other sources, such as stream decoders/players, etc.) wired in to the inputs of the ACS 8.2. The output of the ACS 8.2 wired into the Line In of the audio card in the OpX automation computer. The output of the OpX automation computer run in to one or more channels on your audio console (and then on to any processing and transmitting gear you have further down the line).

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