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Software Dongle not recognized by the software even though it's plugged in

Three things can cause this issue:

  1. You have not installed the dongle driver, OR you have installed a very old version of the dongle driver. Please install the latest dongle driver from the following link:
  2. The USB port is bad, try using another port. 
  3. The dongle itself is bad. (Light is not lighting up). NOTE: The light on the dongle may not light if the USB port is bad as well, so that scenario should be taken into consideration when testing where the failure lies. 
If it's not a bad USB port, then please contact our Sales Dept. for information on obtaining a replacement dongle. Sales: Toll Free USA. 888-274-8721 (888-BSI-USA-1)

 Last updated Thu, Jul 10 2014 1:25pm

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