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When Recording using AudioScience Audio Cards, Only Silence is Recorded


When attempting to record within a BSI product, the recording is the correct length, but it is silent.


The fact that your recordings are occurring, but they are silent, indicates that the recording functionality of the BSI product is working, but your audio routing settings in your audio card (or the devices up-stream of your audio card) are not configured correctly.

To troubleshoot and configure your audio card, you will need to do the following:

1. In your BSI product, go to access the recording options (the exact menu steps will depend on the individual product) and determine what record device your intended record deck is using (also, ensure that it is the correct record device selection you desire to have that record deck use).

2. Open AudioScience's ASI Control application. The left portion of the window, as shown in Figure 1, shows a block diagram showing all available inputs, outputs, play devices and record devices, along with their routing between each other. Click on the input corresponding to where you have wired your audio source that you are intending to record.

Figure 1: ASI Control with Line In 1 selected.

3. On the right side of ASI Control, as shown in Figure 1, you should now see all the configuration options for your audio input. Make sure that you see signal on the input VU meter. If you don't see signal, adjust input gain, or check your hardware devices upstream of the audio input. Once you have input signal indicated on the VU meter and that your gain settings are set correctly for a good signal level, go to step 4.

4. On the left side of ASI Control, click on the record device you determined Simian was using in step 1. The right side of ASI control, as shown in Figure 2, will now show the configuration options for the record device. Make sure that the intended input is selected as the source and that your gain settings are set correctly for a good signal level.

Figure 2: ASI Control with Recorder 1 selected.

5. Try recording within ASI Control. When the correct settings are made and your gain levels are set properly in ASI Control, the VU meter for the record device should correspond to the input VU meters while recording within ASI control. If recording within ASI control works, it will work in Simian (on the other hand, if it doesn't work within ASI control, it will not work within Simian).

If you are unable to get audio input in ASI Control, you will need to investigate reasons that you don't have audio signal at the physical line in. Since that is application specific to your station's installation, that is beyond the scope of this document.

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