Free Utilities

Audio Database Rebuilding Utility

This utility will rebuild your audio database in case of corruption, bloating or other database issues.

Please remember to close Simian before running this application..

Repair BSI Application Registry Access

This utility will attempt to analyze and repair access to the registry keys used for registration and program settings for BSI applications.

For more information, see the FAQ document Here.

Delete old Voice Tracks

This ‘invisible’ utility is designed to be run by Simian either once a day, or once a week as a Scheduled APP event and we suggest placing the file in your c:\bsi32\apps folder.

You pass this utility the path to your Voice Tracks as a COMMAND LINE SWITCH, which will then search for files that start with VT and that are more than 7-days old, deleting any it finds. Deletion is based on the date that the files were RECORDED so care should be taken NOT to run this utility if several weeks of voice tracks have been recorded in one go (as this utility would delete all older than 7-days).

For example, from the APP event in Event Builder you’d have: 
c:\bsi32\apps\Delete_VTs.exe /d:\audio\VoiceTracks

BSI Filename Cleaner v3.0

(full setup) BSI has always recommended using filenames conforming to the DOS 8.3 format (8 letters or numbers followed by a period and three letter file extension) using the letters A-Z, a-z and numbers 0-9 only. While Windows will support filenames longer than this (and with other letters), these can cause problems with some third-party scheduling tools and thus the advice still stands.

The BSI Filename Cleaner will remove apostrophes, underscores, and other non standard letters from audio filenames that are known to cause a problem with BSI and / or third-party scheduling software. The BSI Filename Cleaner also removes any spaces accidentally added to the start or end of filenames and will optionally remove digits at the start of a filename (these might have been added as the result of ripping CDs and prefixing the filename with the CD track number).

NOTE: Make a backup of all audio files/folders before you run this utility incase you inadvertently select an incorrect setting!

BSI Serial Port Utility

Check serial port communications to your serial device. Since HyperTerminal is no longer included with Windows (since Windows Vista), this utility is a great way to test your serial device.

BSI Network Utility

Check TCP or UDP communications to your IP address. This utility is a great way to test that your Metadata, PAD data, or other text based TCP/IP or UDP communications are working properly. The utility can also save all received TCP/UDP data to dated .txt log files, too. Install this utility on your destination computer and set it for the intended port and protocol to check that data is making it to its intended destination. You can also install it on your source computer and set your source application’s output to send data to the IP address “” to check if your application is outputting data to the local loop-back address.

BSI Info Editor

The BSI Info Editor is a file tagger created specifically for BSI Radio Automation Software.

The utility works with Linear PCM, ADPCM, MP3 and MPEG Layer 2 audio files and can tag a wide range of fields as well as Title, Artist, Intro and Segue Marker.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To remove this software from your PC, please delete the InfoEdit.exe file from c:\bsi32. This program also makes changes to your Windows Registry (to add Info Editor to the right-click context menu). Please open a Support Ticket for specific instructions on modifying your Registry to remove this.

Regsave v1.0.0.1

The BSI Regsave Backup Utility saves all your BSI specific settings usually stored in the Windows registry.

See the read me file during installation for more information.

LAME Mp3 Audio Codec:

Download this file and follow the included instructions to install the free Lame Mp3 audio codec for use with Simian Gateway.

 Lame Mp3 Codec

SayTime & SayTemp Audio File Installers:

Download these sample audio files to add automated Time & Temperature announce to Simian. The installer also provides a help file with instructions for re-recording your own files. Do ensure that the rest of your audio files are in the same format as those you are downloading. DO NOT try to mix Mono and Stereo files.

 22,050Hz Linear PCM .wav
 44,100Hz Linear PCM .wav
 128Kbps MP3

Slyck DLL Management Utility

This utility scans your hard drive for BSI specific system files and corrects any files in the wrong place.

Simian Weather Utility
v1.0.2 with 11/2017 Profile Update

Use this utility to retrieve weather data for use in versions of Simian (this utility is included in the Simian 2.3 Pro installer, though this installer contains updated weather provider profiles).

To utilize the data this utility retrieves with versions of Simian Pro previous to 2.3.0, add a “GETWEATHER FILE, C:\BSI32\Weather.ini” macro to your Scheduled Events in Simian. Make sure to remove any previous GETWEATHER macros as the weather service previous versions of Simian used was taken off-line by and no longer functions properly.

BSI Startup Sequencer 1.0.0

Use this utility to sequence the startup of your Simian automation or OpX automation or modules when Windows starts.

The Startup Sequencer will start a user specified executable file, wait for a specified period of time, then open the next user specified executable, for up to 20 executables.

Simian File Sync 1.0.3

Use this utility to synchronize your audio files, logs, and other files between your Simian Air and Production systems.

[LINK] ThinkMan Dimension 4 version 5.0 Time Synchronization Utility.
Internet Time Keeper – free for many non-commercial users, this utility requires a small token payment from commercial users.
[LINK] Tardis 2000 Time Synchronization Utility.
NTP Server/Client Time Keeper – free for non-commercial users, this utility requires a small token payment from commercial users.