Tech Care Plans

Registration issues, i.e. demo mode, are always covered regardless of tech care plan status.

24/7 Off-Air Emergency Telephone Support
Page our on-call engineer and receive a rapid response in under 60 minutes1
Yes No
Premium Telephone Support
Obtain a prompt telephone response2 normal weekdays between 6am and 6pm Pacific from our own Tech Support staff for all BSI supplied hardware and software.
(We do not use third-party or overseas call centers).
Yes No
Web-Based Support Tickets
to urgent Support Tickets submitted normal weekdays between 6am and 6pm Pacific
Remote Login Support
Remote PC Login for BSI software related tech support issues
Yes No
FREE BSI Software Upgrade Protection
Free upgrades for each purchased BSI software for which a Tech Support Plan applies
Yes No
System Check & Configuration
In the event of technical issues, we will remotely log in and check your PC and software configuration for any hardware
or software purchased through BSI
Yes No
Validation Codes
Replacement validation codes for all your purchased versions of BSI applications.
Yes Yes
BSI Utility & Driver Updates
Free Tested and Certified Updates
Yes Yes
Covered Products
Get technical support for these products:
  • Op-X
  • Simian
  • SkimmerPlus
  • WaveCart
  • Stinger
  • Op-X
  • Simian
  • SkimmerPlus
  • WaveCart
  • Stinger
Off air emergency calls are only accepted with a valid Tech Advantage Plan in good standing.
OpX users must have a valid Tech Advantage Plan for all on air stations.  Individual station plans are not available for multi-station OpX licenses.  Call BSI Sales for pricing.

Tech Advantage Plan – $999 per year

All Simian PRO customers are automatically enrolled in the Tech Advantage Plan for the first 12 months from date of purchase. Simian LITE customers are automatically enrolled in all Web-based services for the first 6 months from date of purchase. The Tech Advantage Plan is renewable annually throughout the life of the software.

Non-Automation product support plan – $299 per year

Support for our non-automation products including Stinger, WaveCart, SkimmerPlus, and Speedy is available for $299 per year. 
NOTE: Non-Automation Support is only available during normal Tech Support hours.  Purchasing a Non-Automation Support Plan does not qualify you for 24×7 Off-Air Emergency support.

Per Hour Training – $199 per hour

Customers requiring telephone training can purchase per-hour training blocks. Training blocks must be scheduled through the sales department for availability. Tech support/troubleshooting is not offered in training sessions. Contact BSI sales to book a time block.

NOTE: Training sessions are for instructional purposes only and are not for technical assistance or troubleshooting.  Training is only available during BSI’s normal business hours, purchasing an incident does not qualify you for business hour nor 24×7 Off-Air Emergency technical support. Purchased time must be used within 14 days of initial call.

Program Log Building – $398

Having trouble building your Program Log; need help with your Scheduled Record Events for Time Shifting; just added a new satellite show or flipped formats and not sure what you need to do in your Program Log?

NOTE: Log Building Support is only available during normal Tech Support hours, purchasing an Log Building services does not qualify you for 24×7 Off-Air Emergency support.

Now, help is at hand from the experts at BSI. We’ll spend time helping you create your Program Log ensuring that it is running smoothly and that you understand what’s going on!

Our custom Program Log building costs $199 per hour, with a minimum 2-hour booking. Additional hours charged at $199 / hour. Contact BSI Sales at 541-338-8588 to purchase Program Log Building services.

IMPORTANT: Prices and services published here were made effective on Feb 15, 2024. These prices supersede any other support prices either in print or on this website. The services listed on the date of invoice are valid for the duration of your tech care plan. Prices are subject to change at any time.


1Under 60 minutes is target response time for Tech Advantage Plan during normal business hours. Internal monitoring ensures that we work closely to achieve these targets.

2On the rare occasion that all our technicians are busy, we will provide a prompt call-back (domestic US only) – we DO NOT leave you holding in a queue and calls are routed directly to our tech staff at our facility in Eugene, OR. We do not use overseas call centers.

Return policy: 15 day refund policy applies to unused support plans.  Support plan refund option becomes void after first support call or web ticket or software upgrade validation codes are provided.