Manuals and Documentation

The following manuals are available for download in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.  Most Web Browsers are configured to display the manual automatically, but if you would like to save a copy on your computer for later viewing, please right-click on the links and choose the ‘Save Target As…’ option.

Op-X One Manual
March 13, 2018

Op-X Manual
April 21, 2016

Simian 2.3.0 PRO Manual
February 18, 2015 Whats New in 2.3.0?

Simian 2.3.0 LITE Manual
April 13, 2015 What’s New in 2.3.0?

Simian Gateway Manual
February 18, 2015

Simian Remote for PC Manual
February 18, 2015

Simian Hardware Connector for Axia Manual
July 9, 2015

SkimmerPlus Manual
December 10, 2005

WaveCart v 5.1 Pro Manual
July 2015 (Includes instructions for WaveCart Remote client)

WaveCart v 5.1 Lite Manual
July 2015

Data Repeater 1.1.0 Manual
February 2014

Stinger v3.1 Manual
July 2015 – This manual is updated for Stinger version 3.1

Speedy v4 Manual
March 19, 2005

Broadcast Tools Manuals

ACS 8.2 Plus Manual

ACS 8.2 Plus Switcher Configuration for use with Simian Pro 2.3

GPI-16 Manual

SRC-16 Plus Manual

Natural Broadcast Systems Manuals

Natural Log v9 Manual

Natural Log v9 Quick Start Guide

Natural Music v5 Manual

Natural Music v5 Quick Start Guide

Natural Grid Manual