Simian Pro 


Transforming Radio, Empowering Broadcasters 

Your Gateway to Effortless Broadcasting and Unparalleled Sound Quality 

The flagship software by Broadcast Software International. With over 2 decades in the broadcast community, Simian has established itself as a trusted solution worldwide.  


Its ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it a perfect fit for small-market or single stations looking to streamline their operations. Join the global community of broadcasters who rely on Simian for seamless radio automation and elevate your broadcasting experience today. 

*Runs on Windows 10 and 11

With OpX, achieving professional-grade sound has never been easier. Our intuitive interface empowers users of all levels to manage their stations with confidence, from scheduling playlists to seamlessly integrating ads and jingles. 


Whether you’re overseeing a single station or a network of broadcast stations, OpX streamlines your workflow, ensuring consistency and excellence in every broadcast. Experience the power of OpX Radio Automation and elevate your radio experience to new heights. 

*Runs on Windows 10 and 11

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