Data Repeater 1.1




Easy Forwarding and Reformatting of Song Meta Data

BSI Data Repeater allows song meta-data received via TCP, UDP, serial, or updated to a text file to be output to a multitude of destinations. Data can be forwarded to 8 TCP/UDP, 7 HTTP Call, 8 Serial destinations. The Data Repeater can also generate 3 HTML pages using user created HTML page templates. Up to 6 different command lines can also be executed, with received data included in the command line using meta-variables, too!

Works with OpX, Simian, or most other automation systems that output song data via TCP/UDP, Serial, or to a text or XML file on your hard drive.

Once data is received by the input type of your choice, it can be forwarded in the format received to TCP and/or UDP ports, or reformatted using user-defined templates to any of the available destination types (TCP, UDP, HTTP, HTML, Serial, Command Line). Each output profile uses its own template, so each data output profile can have a data format tailored to the specifications of the destination application or hardware device. It’s like a patch bay for your meta data!

All software licenses are non-transferable, unless approved by BSI in advance.


  • Receives audio file data via TCP, UDP, Text File (including XML) on hard drive, serial data, web page, or FTP file
  • Easily route your automation system’s audio file data to multiple destinations, each of which can have its own data format using user defined output templates
  • Forward raw received incoming data to up to 8 TCP/UDP destinations
  • Simultaneously output reformatted data to the following destinations:
    • Up to 8 TCP/UDP destinations (total TCP/UDP destinations shared with raw forwards)
    • Up to 7 HTTP Call destinations including meta data within URL called
    • Up to 3 HTML/XML/Text file documents including meta data within document
    • Up to 6 Command Line applications including meta data within command line
    • Up to 8 Serial Strings, on serial ports 1-8 (if available) including meta data within string
  • Template based reformatting so you can define different output formats for each data output type
  • Auto-update your web page(s) using the HTML Generator to create audio-file specific web page to display the currently playing artist/title info on your website
  • Automatically downloads the current weather info for your location to include in HTML Generator web pages to let your listeners get the current weather conditions from your web page
  • Most functions are configurable via web browser
  • User setable output delay and data separation delay for parsed data

System Requirements

Data Repeater 1.1 will run on a wide variety of platforms – anything from a PIII, 700Mhz machine should be suitable. However, for reliable 24/7 operation we recommend using a Pentium 4/Core 2 Duo/Core “i” CPU with 1Gb of RAM running Windows XP Pro SP2, or 2GB of RAM running Windows 7 Pro 32bit. A USB slot is required for the Hardware Key version. Both hyper threading and dual-core should be disabled for reliability reasons (contact tech support for assistance if required).

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