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Music Scheduling Software has long-since over-taken manual methods of compiling a daily radio station playlist.

Natural Music is a powerful yet easy-to-use music scheduling program that maintains your music library database, generates daily music program logs according your pre-set rules, and includes interfaces for most radio automation systems (including BSI Simian) at no extra charge.

The cost of the Natural Music Scheduling Software is calculated on a ‘buy-out’ basis (there are no monthly fees) and 1 year of free telephone support directly with the program authors is included. After that, you purchase support by-the-minute at reasonable rates, as you need it.


Natural Music has all the music scheduling features most broadcasters need to compile their daily station playlist. Natural Music doesn’t claim to have every bell-and-whistle imaginable, but it does have the features needed by most broadcasters like:

  • Compatible with most radio automation software, including BSI Simian
  • Imports Simian Audio Database (no need to re-enter all the Artist and Title details)
  • Virtually unlimited number of songs in library [2+ billion songs]
  • 1225 different Music Categories
  • Up to 676 different format clocks can be setup
  • Song packeting supported
  • Gender, Tempo, Intensity, Mood, Style controls
  • Advanced Music Log generation diagnostics
  • Drag-and-Drop Music-Log editing
  • Cut-and-paste Music-Log editing from Windows ClipBoard
  • Music Log hour and day recycling
  • Music Log reconcilation with BSI Simian, WaveStation and other automation “actual-play” Logs
  • User-Configured on-screen song browsing
  • User-Configured Reports on-screen, printed, and exported to text files
  • Creates standard RIAA ‘Webcast’ performance reports for electonic filing with RIAA
  • Built-in Data Importing from BSI Simian, WaveStation and other major automation systems
  • Artist separation controls [global and individual artist]
  • Artist blocks [multiple songs in-a-row by same artist]
  • “Never-Violate” and “Preferred” flexible rule specifications
  • Daypart and Hour circulation rules, including horizontal seperation
  • 26 Song dayparting restrictions
  • Automation Source and CD-Disc back-back protection
  • On-Screen log editor
  • On-Screen artist and song play histories
  • Audit Log for troubleshooting
  • Many Reports and Lists including BMI and ASCAP reports

System Requirements

  • Computer: IBM-compatible
  • CPU: PIII 700Mhz or better (more for Windows 2000 / XP)
  • RAM: 64 Mb (Win98), 128Mb (Win NT / 2000 / ME), 256Mb (Win XP) minimum
  • Hard Disc Space: Minimum of 100 megabytes per station library
  • Windows-compatble Printer (the faster the better!)
  • Windows-compatible VGA or better color montior
  • CD-ROM recommended
  • External Drive or tape-backup recommended for data backup


Click HERE to download the application installer.

Click HERE to download the application update installer.

Click HERE to view the user manual.

Click HERE to view the quick-start guide.

NOTE: Natural Music is a download-only product. No physical product will be shipped to you. Use the links above to download the product and its manuals. Natural Broadcast Systems is a vendor for BSI and not owned or controlled by BSI or Cumulus Media. BSI is not responsible for content, distribution or support of Natural Software.

For questions involving Natural Software, please visit their website, or contact Natural at

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