Simian Version Comparison

Product Features
Fully Automated Program Log Playback Yes Yes Yes
Live Assist mode Yes Yes Yes
Manual playback mode Yes Yes Yes
Import program logs from all major third party traffic/billing and music log generating applications Yes Yes Yes
Create logs from within Simian with the Event Builder tool Yes Yes Yes
Closure handling for satellite rebroadcasting Yes Yes No
Relay control for controlling outboard devices Yes Yes No
Serial string handling (In/Out on 1 port, out on all others) Yes Yes Output Only
Record Decks for timed background recording or on-the-fly recording Yes Yes No
HotKeys for instant audio and automation command playback Yes Yes Yes
Configurable audio device pass-through volume mixing 16 16 1
VoiceTracking function for inserting voice-overs Yes Yes Yes
Event Logging function keeps track of items played on the air Yes Yes Yes
BackTime/FlexTime feature speeds up or slows down audio to fit an exact period of time automatically Yes Yes Yes
Automation Macros available in Event Builder 58 69 49
CHAIN macro loads same day’s log if run from midnight to noon and tomorrow’s log if run from noon to midnight. 
(Perfect for sports events that may run past midnight, or running the Chain macro from the program log instead of as a scheduled event)
No Yes Yes
Change Background Color of user interface No Yes Yes
Streaming Meta Data – output song and title data directly to your streaming application via HTTP calls No Yes Yes
Built-in Meta Data formats for popular streaming encoders. 
Including Windows Media Encoder, IceCast, ShoutCast, SimpleCast, Live365, & Optmod PC
No Yes Yes
Meta Data (PAD) output via TCP or UDP packets No Yes Yes
PASSIVE mode supported by FTP macro No Yes Yes
User-created HTML file data merging 
(update html files with the currently playing, upcoming, and previous artist, title, etc. data)
1 HTML File 2 HTML Files 2 HTML Files
Crash Recovery automatically re-loads the last log and starts playing at the position in the log 
that it left off after a power failure or unexpected shut down.
Yes Yes Yes
AutoReplace function replaces missing or date/time expired audio files or carts Yes Yes Yes
Automatically open audio files from Simian in your favorite audio editor Yes Yes Yes
Configurable custom categories for your audio files Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with user-supplied touch screen monitors Yes Yes Yes