Speedy Release Notes

Speedy 4.0 customers DO NOT require a new validation code when updating to the latest version – Released 09/30/2005

  • Modified restriction on Normalizing Audio Files previously restricted to no less than 50% – lowest level possible is now 10%. This allows customers migrating from Enco DadPro to use their existing audio files and match newly ripped files [use 40%]
  • Modified temp file behavior to allow Linear PCM and Compressed audio files to be created in the same folder. Previously, a compressed audio file with the same filename as a Linear PCM file resulted in the Linear PCM filename being used as a temp file and then deleted. Now, the Temp File and Compressed Output file are both renamed. – Not Publicly Released – 04/25/2005

  • Supports professional Cyberlink Codec (for MP3 files greater than the Windows default maximum of 56 kbps)
  • Installs new Microsoft system files
  • Modified Windows XP theme support for improved display rendering
  • Minor tweaks and modifications

  • New individual trim times for beginning and end of file.

  • Speedy now rips from USB 2.0 CD-ROM drives.
Further corrections for certain ACM CODECs.
Corrected incompatibilities with some ACM CODECs.

Corrected problem where encoding with some ACM CODECs caused file truncation.

Various ToolBar operability fixes.

Compilation Disc toggle preserves checked tracks.

Made Windows Default color scheme the default.

Added path to SpeedyCoolBar.tbi file.

Corrected problems with the CoolBar save and restore of ToolBar position.

Fixed bug where all the folders in the output folder history list were re-added
on Options cancel.

Added Save & Restore Output Folder With Local CD Info.

Added mimimizable and sizeable toolbars.

In this beta, Speedy.exe is a debug executable with runtime exception checking. If there is a problem, a warning box will pop-up and report that a ‘CodeGuard’ error has occurred and a Speedy.cgl file will be generated in the installation folder. Please send me the Speedy.cgl file if this occurs.

Note – Unfortunately, CodeGuard will generate a log anytime you resample, that is, encode to any sample rate other than 44,100 Hz.

Changed uninstall tag from Speedy 3.0 to Speedy 4.0.

Fixed a potential access violation while encoding.

Corrected a problem where tracks are rechannelled and resampled even if Native format is selected.

Changed tab order of the controls on the Normalize and Appearance tabs.

The Speedy about box will report this version a Pre-release, Private, Debug

Option to use a hardware dongle
Resample to any sample rate
IE-Style CoolBar ButtonBar
Adjustable Color Scheme