Broadcast Tools GPI-16


The Broadcast Tools GPI-16 Plus is a low cost, feature rich trigger unit that will work with all versions of Simian. This is the replacement device for the discontinued USB1024ls “BSI Trigger Kit”.


Serial or USB control 16 trigger input device

The Broadcast Tools® GPI-16 is a computer interface to the real world. Connection through an RS-232 serial port or USB, the GPI-16 can notify your PC software program that any of 16 inputs has been opened or closed. The GPI-16 is supplied with LED indicators to display input status, making setup and troubleshooting easy. Plug-in euroblock screw terminals are provided for ease of wire installation/removal.

The GPI-16 is the ideal hardware to add to OpX, Simian or SkimmerPlus for users who need to respond to incoming trigger closures.


  • small, robust chassis
  • 16 trigger inputs
  • USB and RS-232 serial interface
  • LED indicators for each trigger to show the current status of the device and to aid in troubleshooting
  • ASCII ‘Burst Mode’ compatible with Simian’s trigger functions
  • ‘POLL Mode’ compatible with SkimmerPlus and OpX trigger functions

Technical Specifications

    • Digital Inputs: 16-dry closure inputs. 15ms minimum duration.
    • RS-232 Serial Port: 4800, 9600, 19200 or 38400 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit (factory default: 9600)
    • Display: LED’s for inputs and power
    • Interfacing: Inputs – Plug-in euroblock screw terminals
      Host communications via USB or RS-232 Serial Port over RJ-11. Data flow programmable
    • Logic: Flash microprocessor/Non-volatile memory
    • Power: 7.5-9VAC @ 1 amp or 800mA/120VAC 50-60Hz with supplied ‘Wall Wart’ power supply with North American style connectors.  (CE, 240 VAC 50-60Hz optional)
    • Weight: 2.0 lbs.
    • Mounting Option: RA-1 rack shelf for mounting up to four units in a standard 19″ rack.
    • USB Option: Included external Broadcast Tools Smart USB to Serial RS-232 adapter for systems with an insufficient number of com ports.

NOTE: All versions of Simian are compatible with this hardware device, even versions of Simian released before this device was released. If your version of Simian doesn’t have a trigger device option for the GPI-16 or GPI-16 Plus, simply select the BT ACS 8.2 or BT SS 8.2 as your trigger device. This is possible because the GPI-16 Plus uses the same communications protocol as the GPI-16, ACS 8.2 and SS 8.2 trigger functionality.

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