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  • Remote Control/GPIO

    Broadcast Tools ACS 8.2 Plus

    More than just an 8-input, 2-output crosspoint Audio Switcher, the ACS 8.2 Plus adds relay closure and 16 incoming triggers to Simian, using a standard serial port. The ACS 8.2 Plus has the ability to fade between inputs, and also includes a silence sensor, level meters, headphone monitoring and summed mono outputs too.

  • Remote Control/GPIO

    Broadcast Tools GPI-16

    The Broadcast Tools GPI-16 Plus is a low cost, feature rich trigger unit that will work with all versions of Simian. This is the replacement device for the discontinued USB1024ls “BSI Trigger Kit”.

  • Remote Control/GPIO

    Broadcast Tools SRC-16 Plus

    The Broadcast Tools SRC 16 Plus is a serial control GPIO interface featuring 16 trigger inputs and 16 dry relay closure outputs. Perfect for Simian users who need both input triggers and dry relay outputs.