Simian Remote System Configuration




Bought a new computer and need help setting it up with your Simian software?  Bought Simian and want to make sure your computer is setup correctly to run the program?  Need help installing the software?

Now, help is at hand from the experts at BSI. We’ll spend time helping to setup your computer with the correct Windows settings to help your Simian program run smoothly, just like we do for our custom built systems.

Our Simian Remote System Configuration costs $199 per hour, with a minimum 2-hour booking. Additional hours charged at $199 per hour. Contact BSI Sales at 541-338-8588 to schedule your Simian Remote System Configuration services once your purchase is completed.

NOTE: Simian Remote System Configuration is only available during normal Tech Support hours, purchasing a Simian Remote Configuration System Configuration does not include training on the software.

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